Getting rid of items before your move

We now offer rubbish removal in addition to our standard moving services in Vancouver and the lower mainland. When someone moves  they have a lot of stuff to get rid of. So how could you get rid of it? Well a simple option is to simply throw the stuff out…however, the bins on the street are only that large so there might be too much stuff to get rid off…so what solutions are available?

Take them to the dump with your car

While this option might work for small items, won’t work for large items, additionally, some stuff might damage the car interior. There will also be a dump fee to be taken into consideration.
Sell the items on classifieds  websites or newspapers
This is a good option to get rid of your unwanted items of furniture, but it does take time. As an extra bonus you can make some extra money.

Give the furniture away to charities

While this might sound like a good option, there will be extra cost for delivery to get this done, and not many movers will do this for you at no extra cost, unless they are sponsoring a local charity.
Refuse Disposal companies
This option might be slightly more economical, reason is that the junk disposal companies use trucks that are no as well equipped or expensive as moving trucks.