Packing Supplies And Boxes

Is your busy schedule preventing you from packing your own boxes? Our team of professionals can assist you in executing your move from beginning to end without you having to lift a finger.  Rates are calculated either by the box or by the hour.

Delivery is free of charge on orders over $100 in the lower mainland

  • 2 cubic ft box, recommended for the majority of the packing including books, kitchen stuff and heavier small items, they are about the size of a microwave oven or small TV, $3.49 each plus GST and PST
  • 4 cubic ft box, recommended for clothing and bigger lighter items $6.95 each plus GST and PST
  • 6 cubic ft, recommended for lamp shades and very large fragile items
  • $5.95 each plus GST and PST
  • Tape, $1.95 each plus GST and PST
  • Paper, recommended to wrap your china and fragile items, the paper is sterile so there is no need to wash the dishes after the move. Packing paper also has more cushioning and isolating properties than regular newsprint. 10 pound box, $14.95 each plus GST and PST
  • Wardrobe boxes to buy or rent, recommended for clothing, they ensure that the clothes will not get wrinkled .$19.95 each plus GST and PST
  • Picture cartons, recommended for artwork, can be purchased or rented
  • Boxes should be closed and sealed.
  • Label every box with a list of contents with a marker or stickers
  • Crate fragile shipping items and tag them
  • Packages should be measured and weighed.

Make sure to have all the appropriate shipping documentation ready. Moving Boxes should be closed and sealed, professional moving crates are recommended. Label every box with a list of contents.  Packages should be measured and weighed. Do not pack food items and perishables. We carry used and new cartons in addition to plastic boxes and crates.

To help in sorting our the moving boxes and cartons during the move, it is a good idea to apply a colored paper sheet on every box and do the same on every room of the moving destination. The colored paper is easier to identify than numbers or letters. If you are using our plastic moving boxes, totes or bins please don’t use a marker on the surface as they are recyclable and will be used by other clients. If you do need a marker for your plastic totes, bins or boxes you can purchase a non permanent marker and then erase the labels after the move.

Identify the contents of the box with the same color theme. For example, a box filled with dishes could be yellow, and the kitchen label in the new suite labeled yellow also. That way the items can readily be identified in accordance to the room they are supposed to be placed into. Another example would be a child’s room, the boxes identified with the red color could be filled with toys, blanket ect…This way your movers will not need to ask you every time where to put boxes and cartons saving you money on the final moving bill.

Buy your cartons as soon as possible, pack them as soon as you get them. A well packed move will take less time and save you money.

Buy a large quantity of packaging supplies and start to pack items into them as soon as possible. This way on the day of the move the boxes will ready to be loaded on the moving truck. It will also make them easier to carry because a hand cart can be used to move them.

Boxes need to be made for the application at hand and must be of durable and sturdy material. Adhesive tape must be strong and sticky. This way the items will come out intact as they were packed. Our boxes are designed with a single objective in mind: to help protect your cherished belongings and furniture in total security as economically as possible.
Why boxes are important to a smooth move

Moving is hard enough as it is, the choice of boxes is crucial to a smooth relocation. What kind of cartons should you purchase for what? Should you buy used or new? How about some plastic, crates, totes or recyclable bins? Or maybe you need a kit that has everything you need already bundled up?

How to choose what boxes to use for what rooms:

A home usually consists of X number of  major rooms, they are bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, attic, garage and hallways. All these rooms need to be packed up to make your job easier. The better packed you are the faster and the more economical your move will be. One of the most important way to do this is to plan properly on what box size to buy or rent for what room. This can be done individually or you can purchase some moving kits to make your job more convenient. But as a general rule, bedroom boxes required would be 2 cube, 4 cube, 6 cube and wardrobe boxes. For the kitchen only small boxes are required as dishes are pretty heavy and can take a strain you movers back and the box itself. Any room that might require larger cartons is the living room. Cushions and lamps can be put in 6 cube boxes and picture cartons can be used for your frames. Always make sure to use plenty of bubble wrap and packing peanuts for your precious and fragile living room items. For any other rooms the small 2 cubes are usually the best choice.
Used or new boxes:

Should you buy or rent moving boxes? That all depends on your budget and what the contents will be. Food and perishables should be put in new boxes, same thing for precious and fragile items. The reason for this is that new moving boxes are more sturdy than second hand cartons. The are also more hygienic than used ones, if you are packing condiments and jars, although hygiene is not necessary, the extra sturdiness of new boxes might be a good idea. For light food items and condiments second hand corrugated boxes that can be acquired for free from supermarkets or liquor stores can also do the job as well. New should definitely be used for clothing as they will not soil your clothing and outfits, wardrobe boxes are also great as you can hang your outfits and wrap them in shrink wrap ensuring that they will moved in perfect condition. Something else to consider when purchasing new or used packaging supplies is the delivery cost. Sometimes new boxes include delivery but used moving boxes might incur some additional costs.

Eco Friendly Plastic Moving Boxes:

Another option  that is getting more and more popular are recyclable plastic bin containers. Although they are rectangular in shape rather and cubic, they still stack very well. Plastic crates are Eco-friendly and recyclable, so in addition to saving money, you also help the environment as they reduce waste and can be reused again and again. Delivery is free as long as you use us for your move. Additionally, plastic recyclable moving boxes, crates, totes and bins don’t require  tape, cellophane or any kind of adhesive. This will reduce the amount of waste generated by traditional packing supplies like cardboard boxes (although second hand used ones can also help the environment and reduce the negative impact of waste disposal;) Moving in hemp or bio degradable bags unfortunately won’t work because items will not be stack able.
Moving Kits

For some busy individuals a moving kit might be more appropriate than buying individual units or renting plastic moving bins. A moving kit is made of a combination of box sizes to suit the average room sizes. We have over the years acquired the experience needed to put together these moving kits. Box sizes range from 2 cubes to 6 cubes, bedroom kits include wardrobe boxes, living room kits include picture boxes and lamp shade cartons, kitchen m kits include 2 cube boxes and packaging paper to make sure your dishes stay clean (newsprint causes stains from the ink). Of course the kits can be altered to your specifications. If you are moving your office please refer to our office moving checklist.