It’s sometimes a good idea to read reviews although one must be cautious about judging the firm to harshly because in many cases the reviews might written by competitors….however, it can also be a fairly good indication of the business past record and experience. BBB movers reviews are also useful but again, since the BBB is a paid membership association that mainly caters to the public and not actual member moving companies, the reviews can sometimes be distorted and not necessarily fair to genuinely professional movers.

The same applies for long distance service, in that case one might want to check the movers record with the BBB and review cites in all major Canadian cities. All these cities have regional better business bureau offices that have records positive or not on local movers. While review sites in larger cities have more information, smaller local cities and long distance services can also be found for reference. Verifying the firms credentials and reviews could also be added to your moving checklist.