Vancouver Office Movers

Vancouver Office Movers Advice and Tips

An office move that is not well prepared might cause stress to your employees. Some steps need to be taken to make sure the office move has a minimal impact on your staff as possible.  When a company relocates it’s offices, the workers are often the ones that suffer the most from disorientation. It is important to handle any corporate or commercial move with professional specialized moving specialists. Some large companies understood this moving concept years ago and worked on developing office moving strategies to make the commercial relocation go more smoothly and economically. This will reduce stress on employees and ensure that they will be more productive in a shorter span of time at the new location destination. The office furniture and the flooring of the new business location might seem like a trivial detail but for employees it is important to familiarize themselves with the new office environment before the move. Make sure to take a least every head of department to the new move location to get them familiarized with the new business location

Office Chairs Moving

You should also hold a meeting to prepare you staff for your upcoming office move, this is especially important for the logistics aspect of the move and relocation of workstations and computers. Some new furnishings might need to be purchased to adapt to the new office ergonomics requirements.Care must also be taken on flooring of the office, what kind of carpet will be used will make a very big difference on the coaster rollers of the office chairs, some plastic lining might need to be purchased so that the chairs roll properly.

Computer Monitors

Monitors positioning are always important for a productive office layout, for example, if the new office window is facing the same direction as the computer screen it would be a good idea to purchase the anti glare screen before your office move so that on the first day at the office the employee won’t be blinded by the reflection. Some monitor stands or accessories permitting to rotate the monitor to the appropriate position for the new workstation layout might be required. You might also consider changing monitor to flat screen for space savings, or maybe switch to laptops. You can trust you Vancouver office movers to move your computer monitors with care.

Office Moving Layout Plan

Before you move you should have a laid out plan of where everything will be placed in the new office. This should be done with the help of our Vancouver Office Moving Professional estimator. It might also be recommended to hire an independent specialized office interior decorator. Every thing has to be planned very precisely because of the need for available sources of power. An office layout should be planned around power outlets and ergonomics.

Computers Set Up and Assembly

All computers (PC) will need to be disconnected and then reconnected. This can be very confusing especially with the number of available peripherals that now compromise the arsenal of any large or small office. All cables must be tagged preferably by color. Post it notes are not recommended as they tend to fall off due to the rigors of office moves. They should be tagged either with stickers, plastic labels tied with an elastic. Whatever system you choose to tag your computer items, it should be sturdy en ought to survive the handling of items during a move both on and off the moving truck. In some cases, a part of the office moving procedure would include software installation and set up. This would best be handled by an IT professional and can most effectively be done via macro automation services than by our professional specialized office movers.

Tables And Desks

While you will probably wish to keep the furniture from the old office. In some cases you might be better off to buy some new items. Some office furniture is made of pressed wood and won’t pare very well during the disabling, reassembling and transport of your furniture during the move. If the furnishings, tables or office desks are already flimsy before even starting the move it might be an idea to get some new ones to reduce downtime on the other end should they get damaged during the move. Another advantage of doing this is that you will already have a team of professional Vancouver office movers on site to assist you in assembling the new furniture.

Office Workstation Assembly

In all our teams of professional office moving specialists, there is someone that will be able to disassemble and reassemble your workstations in a professional and timely manner. Please make sure to label and put all screws, nuts and bolts in plastic bags that will be easily identifiable for reassembly.

Networks Setup and Workstations

This is a very important step of every office move. Will you run a WIFI network? Will you use and intranet? Will you use a CMS like Drupal or WordPress so all employees can cooperate online? These services go beyond the scope of regular office movers and should be handled by a certified and qualified IT professional.

Water Coolers, Appliances, Coffee Makes, Fridges

For these appliances it is always recommended to use the same layout that worked effectively on the original office location, depending on layout try to conserve the same configuration and make sure there are plenty of power outlets in the vicinity. Give you Vancouver Office Movers clear directions as where you would like these heavy items moved because it is not easy to change their positions once in place.

Printers, Photocopiers and peripherals

As mentioned in the step above, try to keep the configuration that worked in the prior office but also try to adapt to the new office layout and configuration. Since there might be some storage involved in some office moves wait until the relocation is done before purchasing new ink, ribbons or any disposable supplies that are needed. Purchase them before the move and keep them sealed to be open upon the office moving services execution completion. This will prevent the ink from drying up and spilling during the move.

Office file boxes

Office filing boxes are a little different than regular moving boxes because their top is removable instead of being fold able like regular moving boxes. Care should be taken not to over pack them as they would then become un stackable and would increase the cost of the move. Office moving rates and office moving costs are not the same as the first one is fixed and the other will be the result of how well organized and executed the relocation efforts. Keeping files in file boxes and other items in moving boxes is the best way to do things.

Packing Supplies

Office packing supplies differ slightly from residential packaging solutions. Office packing supplies will need to be more sturdy than the ones used in residential home, apartment and condo moves. Make sure to use cartons of a higher stock and weight. Try to use the original boxes and crates used to pack computers, printers, peripherals and appliances. This will result in safer and smoother transportation or you office furnishings. Used or new boxes can be used and increasingly recyclable plastic crates, bins and boxes are used. This can sometimes be a great way to show your support for the environment as they are fully reusable and recyclable. The can be rented or purchased, they can also be stored and reused again and again.

Elevator booking and parking

It is very important to have the elevators ready for your professional Vancouver office movers on relocation day. This will save you time and cost on the move regardless of quoted rate per hour. A dedicated spot for the moving truck must also be reserved and fit the truck used for move execution. Trucks sizes vary from 1 ton, 5 ton and 7 ton. It is also very important to book the service elevator if possible as the regular elevators always cause problems with non-office tenants. Regular moving elevators are also not as large as freight elevators and the office moving furniture might not fit inside, especially in Vancouver for heritage buildings.

Change of Address

You must notify BC hydro, Rogers Cable, Fido or any utility company that is involved with your office. If you get some payments by check notify you clients so that your accounts receivables don’t misunderstand and unpaid account from a simple change of address! The goal is to have as little downtime as possible, to have your employees move in and for things to work right away without delays. Doing proper change of address well ahead of time will ensure that you office moving will not be affected by downtime.

Check the moving companies track record and try to get contact information from other offices they have moved in the past. Ask questions about what equipment they are planning to use. Make sure you Vancouver office movers are professional and do a back ground security check on the company if you are moving  equipment that is very valuable. Inquire about the moving insurance and what coverage you have. Check the Vancouver office moving company’s track records, they must have experience moving very heavy commercial grade and industrial appliances, furniture and peripherals.