Rubbish And Garbage Disposal Services

Did you recently move, or maybe you need to get rid of some of your old stuff? Maybe you need rubbish removal for your office move? Maybe you are a construction company or builder and you need to get rid of your garbage, drywall or gypsum? Vincent Moving in addition to our relocation services can also assist you in getting rid of your waster or junk in an environmentally safe way.

Household garbage disposal

We can assist you in disposing of your garbage in residential areas. Most waste is accepted but some toxic products like paint and other chemicals will cost a little more for the environmental fee and the detour the truck needs to make on the way to the recycling plant in Richmond. Vegetable products are acceptable as they are bio degradable and standard trash. We often have same day service but at the end of the month we might be too busy with local moving as it is what we specialize into. The garbage collection service is a side business to round out the month’s ends. We serve all major areas in Vancouver.

Commercial waste disposal services for businesses and small companies

We serve commercial, industrial and institutional as well as individuals and all sorted materials such as wood, concrete, metal, plaster, clay, etc..can be disposed of safely. While we can serve some very large companies, most of our customers are house builders. Drywall can be disposed of for an extra fee since the depot is further and there is an environmental extra fee.

The cost of rubbish removal services is usually billed by weight, but in some circumstances it might also cost you per hour, depending on the distance to the truck and the kinds of items that you will need to dispose of. Cost per load is roughly $300 and the hourly rate for 2 men and the truck is $89 per hour. If the load is very far there will be an extra travelling time charge.