Vancouver To Kelowna Movers

Are you thinking about making the definitive move to the interior of BC? Maybe you are tired of the hustle and bustle of large cities and possibly looking for more quiet surroundings of Kelowna? You might have a new job or maybe a business opportunity in the Okanagan?

What is the best time to do the move?

The best time to move in British Columbia is obviously in the summer time. However, moving in the winter is still possible, but once should check the weather forecast and execute the move when conditions are ideal.  Our trucks are specially outfitted to to handle the Coquihalla Highway mountain passes in winter.

How Much  Should You Pay For Vancouver to Kelowna Moving Companies?

The cost will depend on what options you go for. You can rent a truck and do it yourself or hire professional. We can’t help you for the first option but can’t for the second one. Please contact us for an absolutely free no obligation estimate. If you can consolidate your move with a shipment going to whistler you might be able to get some extra savings.

What makes us different from the competition

Unlike other Kelowna relocation firms, and if possible, only owner operators will execute the move, this will insure you the absolute top quality possible and make the experience stress free and without any problems.