Tips  For Moving From Vancouver To Victoria

So you are planning to move from Vancouver or somewhere in BC or the lower mainland to Victoria on the Island? How much will this cost you and what can you expect? How should you go about choosing a moving company?

Relocation To Vancouver Island Costs

When you move locally in Vancouver the distance is relatively small so the fee will be billed per hour. But if to Vancouver Island and Victoria you will be charged a flat rate including or not including ferry fees. The Tsawwassen terminal will be where the truck will board the BC ferry, for a one ton truck the cost is about $X__*, for a 5 ton truck the price will be about $X__*. While this you will be charged a flat rate, the workers still need to be paid as they wait in the truck on the way to Vancouver Island and the drive to Victoria from the ferry terminal. Expect to pay about $1000 to relocate your or your family to Victoria BC, these moves are never rated per pound or kilo unlike long distance services.

How long will the move take?

If your household is not too large, like a condo or an apartment, it shouldn’t take more than a single day to get this done. If you have a house or possibly a large office to get moved, you might need 2 days to execute this type of job. If that is the case we load the truck in the evening and deliver the goods to Victoria in the morning, the truck will come back the same day, you might or might not be charged an overnight storage fee depending on the agreement you will have with us.

*Please contact us for exact ferry fees at the time of your booking.