What are the best times to hire movers in Vancouver?

If you are thinking about relocating either your home or your business you will need to not only choose the appropriate moving company but also the best time to move. While this might sound simple it can actually vary slightly depending on where you are located in the lower mainland.

Time of the month

Should you move mid month or at the end of the month? If you have the freedom to choose, it is highly recommended to relocate mid month, the end of the month can be hectic and to make things even worse the rates sometimes go up as the demand is higher. This is especially true of metro Vancouver, North, East and South locations. If you live in the suburbs and you have a house to be moved you could be less affected by the end of the month rush. Reason is that a house can take as long as 8 hours, so you will be the first in line. For apartment moves however, sometimes there can be about 3-4 suites a day to be moved at the end of the month, so again, better to stay away from the rush. If you plan on renting or using our self truck loading service, you must avoid moving at the end of the month.

Time of the day

For obvious reasons you will want to try to be first in line for your move, this is especially in Vancouver, the West End, Kitsilano and Gaztown where most accommodations are condos and flats. Best spot is 7-9 am. Second spot at about noon is not so bad, the latest spots of the day that can take you to early evening are the less desirable, especially if you have a lot of heavy furniture like a piano or heavy appliances for example. Later in the day the workers might get a little tired and this is when damages can occur. The exception to this of course is if the movers load the truck in the evening prior to a move to Victoria or Vancouver Island, if this is done mid month that evening job will be their fist one and they will be as fresh as first thing in the morning!