What do movers mean by travelling time?

Travelling time is a fee that movers charge to drive to the job and back to the office or the location of where the truck is parked and the workers meet. If the move is fairly close to the office, for example in the West End, we can sometimes void that travel time, especially if it’s mid month. At the end of the month during the 3 busiest days giving that kind of discount is not possible unfortunately.

What is this fee for?

Movers have some fixed costs, especially in Vancouver since parking is so expensive and rare, the truck sometimes needs to be parked far away. The workers also need to get paid by the hour as the truck is riding along the city. Travel time is a way to quantify that dead time so the workers get paid. Otherwise we would have to increase the hourly rate and that would make us less competitive.

How much is the average cost for travelling time?

Average cost is 30 minutes and is the usual minimum, even if it takes 15 minutes or so, the reason is that the truck also needs to be prepared for the move, this is part of the labor cost. If you are very far it can be over an hour but usually we set a flat rate that is no dependent on traffic conditions. In some cases, travel time can be void especially if you are located in the West End, Gaztown, or Yaletown since this is where we are located.