Shipping to and from USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and Asia.

Need something shipped anywhere? We specialize in large shipments and vehicles. As a  freight consolidator we have partnerships with numerous shipping companies around the world. We can also assist you with customs documentation for your international transport needs. We can transport your belongings by car, train, plane or freighter.

You must ask yourself some questions before making your decision. How long can I wait? How valuable is (are) the item(s)? How often will I need the service ? Desired pick up and delivery location ( door-door/dock/airport/office/post office)? International shipping can be a stressful experience and our professional logistics team will make you feel at ease.

Make sure to have all the appropriate  documentation ready. Boxes and packing supplies should be closed and sealed, professional moving crates are recommended. Label every item with a list of contents. Crate fragile things. Packages should be measured and weighed. Do not pack food items and perishables.

Cargo ship containers come in 20 or 40 (now 45 feet as of winter 2010) foot containers. Reefers and storage also available.