Moving Checklist

We have pretty much seen all possible scenarios and situations that might arise during our client’s relocation and have come up with short list of the most important factors that will positively impact your moving experience.  If you follow these top 10 moving tips things should get executed with as little stress and glitches as possible regardless of who you might choose to hire.

  1. Take the pets and the kids somewhere away from the moving location. It is too easy for them to get injured in the path of the movers
  2. Leave the hallways and pathways clear of any object be they large or small. Even a loose piece of wrapping paper can cause the movers to slip and injure themselves and/or damage the furniture or surrounding walls.
  3. Make sure all moving boxes and packing supplies are closed and sealed. Open boxes don’t pack very well in a moving truck and waste space and packing time adding to your bill.
  4. Reserve street access for the moving truck. Vancouver is notorious for it’s parking bylaws and so are building managers, especially in the West End, Yale town, Gas Town and False Creek. Put up some cones so that the moving truck can park near the entrance of your residence. This will reduce the amount of meters the movers need to walk and will result in a more economical final bill.
  5. Reserve a lot of elevator time and giver yourself plenty of flexibility. Book the elevator an hour before the movers are scheduled to arrive as they can either be too early or too late…allow 2 extra hours at both locations
  6. Let the removal crew do their job, they are true professionals and know what they are doing, trying to help most often makes things go slower and more cumbersome.
  7. Pack your food items at the last minute, if the movers put your food and perishable items at the from of the truck it will take until the end of the move to get to them, and in Vancouver summers most of the food will be un-thawed by then…
  8. Try to put everything in boxes, disassemble and try to keep loose items to a bare minimum.
  9. Try to book well in advance, this will give you the best spot, try to stay away from the end of the month, late afternoon and holidays.
  10. Try to be courteous and friendly to your crew, they work very hard and it’s a very demanding job.