Moving Day Information and tips

“The movers are coming today”…here are a few tips to make it as stress-free as possible. Just remember that our movers are professionals who know exactly what they are doing and do this day in and day out. They move close to 1000 households a year on average in Vancouver alone, your move is no problem for them.

  •  Do I have to be there?
  •  When the movers arrive
  • Some helpful advice
  • What if the truck is late?
  • The truck is loaded Do I have to be there?

– At the start of the move, it is preferable to be present to let the movers in, although in some casesalternate arrangements can be made. When the movers arrive walk the team leader around your home and point out what items are especially fragile or problematic. Tell him what objects you wish to carry yourself. Make sure to keep your phone line active if you intercom is connected to it.

Some helpful advice

– During the move stay in communication with the movers, they will have many questions to ask youas the move is being done. Make sure to be available to tell the movers where to put thingsunless you supply them with a detailed floor plan.

– Be present for the whole duration of the move, especially at the unloading destination.

– Let the movers do their job, you can trust them, they are professionals. Trying to help often makes themove take longer and puts your belongings at risk of being damaged.

– Try to keep children and pets out of the mover’s way since it can cause accidents. What if the truck is late?

– Don’t panic! Unless you have the first spot in the morning, delays are not unusual since all moves are different and it’s difficult to precisely speculate on the exact duration of a job. However, as a rule of thumb, delays shouldn’t exceed 2 hours but if they do, just call the office and we will let you know where the truck is. At Vincent moving we always keep communication channels open. The truck is loaded

– Go through the whole house and make sure that nothing has been forgotten. Verify the destination’saddress with the driver, give him a contact number in case of emergency. If possible, we don’t recommend to have the moving truck follow you in your car since it sometimes causes confusion and can be hazardous at times. If the address is hard to find give the driver clear directions. If you will be absent at the unloading destination make sure to hand him a detailed floor plan.