Moving rates per pound for services across Canada and the US

cost-of-moving-per-weightNEW – Try out our online weight calculator to know how many pounds you have in real time:

Looking for movers in Vancouver? Or maybe you need long distance service? How much will it cost you for your next long distance move? While local moving services are usually billed by the hour, long distance is billed by the pound, although Canada is using the metric system, most companies stick to the imperial system to weight shipments and calculating by kilograms is still the exception. The highway scales and the whole system is based on pounds all the way to the online moving weight calculators. For obvious reasons it is more convenient to bill clients per pound than by the hour because the cost of the move would be exorbitant.

So how can I tell the weight of my shipment? As mentioned above, you must go to our weight calculator, enter you list of items and calculate the pounds. With this information you will have the information you need to negotiate a price per pound with the long distance carrier.

How much should I pay per pound for long distance moves?

This will depend on the origin and destination of your relocation and the quality/reputation of the moving company. It will also depend on the insurance coverage and the various moving options such as packing, unpacking, to include packing supplies or not and if you or the transporters load the truck. But as a general rule of thumbs you can expect to pay between 40 cents a pound up to $1.50. The further away you need to move like for instance Vancouver to  Toronto, the higher the price per pound will be. Please also keep in mind also that just like local moves, you will have to choose the appropriate time of the month, year or day.

How about long distance moves within BC or locally withing provinces and states in Canada and the USA?

In these situation you can be charged by flat rate and not by the pound, while this might cost a little more it is still more economical than per hour. In the case of Vincent Moving company, flat rates usually apply to Vancouver Island moves and BC interior relocations. We have weekly service to Victoria, Nanaimo, Whistler and most cities on Vancouver Island, a lot of times these jobs will be executed by owner operators giving you that extra touch of service, travel time is usually not charged on long distance moves.