Piano Moving Services

We can move any kind of pianos from upright to grand concert styles

Did you just purchase a piano or maybe you simply need to get it moved with the rest of your furniture? Vincent Moving company has all the necessary equipment to relocate your instrument with ease and safely. We have skids, straps and all equipment needed to do the job properly. The same techniques used to move very heavy items apply to pianos. We will take care not to damage the instrument and you property, we are so careful that usually you won’t even require returning after the move!
On some days of the weeks we only move pianos and keyboards. Consolidating the shipment in this way will save you money because instead of using 1 or 5 ton trucks we use cargo vans. By having a lot of people moving on the same day we can give you some discounts.

What kind of pianos can we move?

Any kind you can think of, from Grand to concert to upright. We can even handle crane and balcony relocation. We have seen it all!

How much will it cost you?

If it is part of the furniture on a specific move there will be no extra charge. The crew members will treat is a regular appliance (but with a lot more care of course!) If this is the case it will be charged by the hour, it takes about an hour to handle a piano give or take. If you want an exclusive spot you can expect to pay over $400, on consolidated days rates can go down as low as $150 but it depends on where you require the service. Anything in the West end and Vancouver will be more economically, other locations in the lower mainland might add to the final cost because of additional traveling time. For extra tips on your next instrument move please click here.