Vancouver To Toronto Car Shipping

One of the busiest routes for car transport in Canada is from Vancouver to Toronto. The main reason for this is the different climatic conditions from the West Coast to the East Coast. While Vancouver enjoys a wild and temperate climate (same for the whole west coast basically) , Toronto has a very cold climate and winters are long and cold.
What does that have to do with automotive transport you may ask?

Well, this creates a whole industry based on the transportation of vehicles because of this particular different in weather. The motorcars in Vancouver are usually in better condition than the ones in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec, St Johns and every major east coast cities. So easterners crave classic and luxury cars that are located out West because they are in better condition.
Why are they in better condition?
Because the lack of winter also means the lack of needing to use salt on the roads. This will keep the car free of rust and usually save it over the years in pristine condition, this quality is especially cherished when it comes to sports, vintage and collectors. So now you might think, what is the attraction of having vehicles shipped from Toronto to Vancouver then?
Cheaper commercial items can be found on the east coast
If you need some wheels to do business, for example a moving company, courier, deliver or freight business. You won’t care so much about the visual state of the truck in question. What will really matter is the the mechanical condition. Because trucks and vans on the east coast and Toronto use salt on the roads, it reduces their life and while cosmetically they need to retire prematurely, mechanically they are sound and much cheaper than what is available on the West Coast.
Or simply need to relocate
Another reason for the influx of items from western provinces to the east is simply that people are moving across the country and need to take their vehicle with them. If this is the case they will also need to hire some long distance movers that haul furniture across North America.
In conclusion

So basically, because of the facts stated above, there is a daily migration of vehicles from western to eastern Canada and the USA (New York To Los Angeles for example) every day, the reasons might not be the same, but still people and businesses need this cross country service.