The importance of communications when dealing with a moving company

We’ve all heard horror stories. The truck was extremely late, the didn’t show up, the van was the wrong size and not enough men showed up, maybe the date was wrong.

How can you avoid such headaches when hiring local movers?

Communication is key, at the reservation stage and also on move day. Here are a few tips that should make things easier and stress free:

1. When doing the reservation online, keep your form sent confirmation in a safe place where you won’t forget it. If you loose the data they might say “where is your proof”? And then it’s your word against theirs…after sending out the form, make sure the company actually calls you back if you mentioned in the estimate form “please call me”, failure to do so by the relocation firm will surely mean trouble in the future. If they give you a quote, have them send it to you via email or fax so there are no surprises.

2. On the day of the move, Internet communications will not work with most firms unless you are dealing with a very large outfit. So phone is the only way to go, and preferably mobile, and even better if you can talk with the driver versus dispatch, the driver will know what is going on the most and will be your greatest communication link. This way you will know where the truck is what is going on allowing you to adapt to the situation in advance. Update: use your IM of choice on your smart phone to keep in touch, if the movers don’t have any apps or smart phones? …it shows they are not very well organized, maybe choose someone else!

If you follow this advice and the moving company actually agrees to do business this way you shouldn’t have any problems, if they don’t however? Well…it might be an idea to look for Vancouver movers that do believe in excellent communication for customer service.