Unfortunately it is not easy to put up our rates on the website because too many parameters are involved and what we might publish might not realistically represent an accurate estimation of what your move will cost you. The best way is to fill out a form and have and estimator contact you back either via  email, phone or in person for a personal free no obligation estimate at your residence or office or at home.

But basically, our rates are based on an hourly OR fixed quote model.

For local moves it’s better to opt for the “by the hour option”, because if you choose the flat rate plan, the movers might try to hurry up to get the job done, they also get paid by flat rate. Having the crew hurry up is not a good idea as they might cause injury to either you, themselves, the furniture or the building…. Paying by the hour is less stressful for the crew and the client alike. All of our employees are professional and they will not take their time, moving has to be executed at a controlled and steady rate, very similar to endurance sports actually. Average hourly costs in the lower mainland are roughly $60-$150 per hour, depending on how long the firm has been in business and the size of the operation. Expect to pay more for National Van Lines and large outfits & less for the local guys.

Fixed Quote Model

If you are moving far away from Metro Vancouver, over 50 kilometers away, this price structure could work. You can pay a fixed rate that is decided before execution of the relocation. Both you and the moving company will sign a form with terms and conditions agreeing to what actually needs to be moved. This usually consists of a list of items and description of access to both the origin and destination locations.

Factors than can affect the cost of the move

  • mid-month or end of the month
  • high or  low season
  • unusually late moving time (after 7 pm)
  • 1,2 or 3 men and the truck
  • pianos or unusually heavy items such
  • as heavy machinery
  • truck size