Getting An Estimate

This information is related to one of our estimators visiting your place in person. The first step to make things easier is to fill out
our free estimate form so that the estimator has an idea of what to look for before even showing up at your home in Vancouver
(or anywhere in Canada for long distance moving services)

  • Why get an estimate for your move?
  • How will the estimate go?
  • What information should you give the movers?

The estimate is key to a smooth move, it has many functions, here are some of the reasons why estimates are important;

For the client:


  • – To inform you of the estimated price of the move
  • – To help you choose witch company to hire
  • – To help you ask questions relative to your move
  • – To help you evaluate different companies based
  • on presentation, clarity, punctuality etc…

For the moving company:

–  To allow an accurate speculation of the move’s duration
allowing for tight scheduling.
–  To give the moving company relevant technical
information regarding your move.
–  To give the mover the opportunity to educate the
client in order to make things go smoother for everyone.

How will the estimate go?

At first, you Vancouver moving estimator will go through your home and visually inspect what  kind and how many possessions you have. In order to do this he will need to explore every part of your home including the bedrooms, basement, attic, garage etc… Open all doors and try not to forget anything, it will make the estimate more accurate. He will also ask you questions in order to best suit your moving needs and to help you choose what level of service you would like to order.

What information should you give the movers?

The more information you give the movers the smoother the move will go.
Don’t forget to give them information on the destination:


  • – Can the truck park legally on the street?
  • – How high is the loading zone’s ceiling, can the truck go through?
  • – How big are the elevators, how narrow are the hallways, how
  • many flights of stairs?
  • – How far is the closest access from the truck?
  • – Will you require any packing supplies

Difficulties with your furniture that you experienced in a prior move:

  • – Furniture that doesn’t fit in elevators
  • – Non boxed large televisions
  • – Unusually heavy glass or marble furniture
  • – Unusually narrow passages

Please contact us for further details if you have any questions.